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Excel Video 60 wraps up our discussion of Conditional Formatting with a discussion of the Stop If True box in the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager. The Stop If True box was included in Excel 2007 to support compatibility with prior versions of Excel. Older versions of Excel could only support 3 rules in the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager. As soon as older versions of Excel found a rule to be true for a given cell, Excel stopped evaluating that cell even if other, lower priority conditional formatting rules were also true for that cell. Watch Excel Video 60 for a demonstration of how Stop If True works. If you like or need this functionality in your spreadsheet, here’s how to only apply the first true conditional formatting rule to your cell.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on Conditional Formatting in Excel 2007. Conditional Formatting is a very powerful, very flexible Excel tool that helps you quickly evaluate key indicators in a set of data. Conditional Formatting is especially helpful when your data changes often, since it automatically finds and formats exactly what you’re looking for.
Thanks for watching.