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Excel Video 75 introduces Axis Titles, a way to add a description to the horizontal and/or the vertical axis. Many well-designed charts don’t need an additional description for either axis. In the collections example, by titling the chart, “Collections,” including dollar signs in the vertical axis, and by labeling the columns on the horizontal axis, adding a horizontal or a vertical axis just takes up space without adding clarity. There will be charts that need an additional description. Axis Titles are a way to add that clarity.
Notice that the horizontal axis only has one position for the title, but the vertical axis has 3 possible positions for the title. As in previous videos, the formatting options are similar. In Excel Video 75, we’ll review ways to put borders around descriptions. Also notice that you can access the formatting menus through the Axis Titles menu or by right-clicking the respective axis title. Finally, watch for an easy way to change the font size and color of the Axis Titles.