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Excel Video 91 starts to showcase the power of what OFFSET can do for your charts. Now that we’re more familiar with OFFSET, we can not only increase the range of the chart to account for more data, we can automatically control the number of columns in the chart by simply changing one cell on the spreadsheet.
Once I’ve named cell G14 Include, I can use Include in my OFFSET formula to automatically determine how many months to include in my chart. The key to Excel Video 91 is to understand how the OFFSET formula for the range defined as LastX works. LastX counts the number of numeric cells in column C, then subtracts the Include number to calculate how many rows to go down before starting the chart range. We also use Include to determine the height, or how many rows to include in our chart range.
With that set up, it’s easy to change one cell to automatically change the entire chart. Next time, I’ll show you how to get the chart name to change every time you change Include and how to use OFFSET to deal with bigger ranges. Thanks for watching.