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Is your practice missing revenue?

Do you have an easy way to tell?

Today’s BIG Idea is from an onsite visit last week to a group in the Southeast.  The practice gets HL7 files from services rendered at the hospital that are then imported and billed.  The objective was to find gaps in sequential HL7 files to identify missing HL7 files the hospital failed to send.  Your practice may not have revenue from HL7 files, but what files could you be missing?  Superbills from an offsite location?  Invoices billed outside of your normal CMS-1500 process?  Today’s podcast describes how we used Excel’s Power Query feature to find gaps in sequential numbers that indicate missing revenue.  Power Query pulled all of the HL7 files from folders on the network, transforming messy file names into easy to manipulate columns.  From there, an Excel formula found missing files.  The best part is that we saved the import steps so that we can automatically import data every time the spreadsheet is opened.  What revenue are you missing?