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Today’s BIG idea is a tool to get data to analyze when that data is hard to access or work with.  I’m working on two projects.  The first project is for a group that has data in Epic.  Given the structure of their practice and the control of Epic, the main access to data is the ability to download some data to Excel.  There are over 100 providers and the goal is to automate a monthly physician compensation dashboard.  Our solution is to use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). SSIS can import data from a wide variety of sources into SQL Server.  Once the data is imported, we will use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to automatically send each provider their dashboard.  Both SSIS and SSRS come free with the standard version of SQL Server.  I’m also using SSIS to pull data from a system with data in an old, non-SQL Server database structure into SQL Server for analysis.  Now that we have that data available, the next project is pull accounting information from their Sage system into the data warehouse.  We can combine that data into Pivot Tables, charts, dashboards, and more.  If you want access to more of your data, consider using SSIS.  Data, analysis, and answers may be closer than you think.