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This BIG Idea comes from two projects I have been working on this week to help collect accounts receivable.  The first project is for a savvy medical billing company that wants to benchmark and track productivity across their staff and practices.  One of our objectives is to automatically create tasks to assign to staff members to work accounts receivable.  The first task we built is to identify insurance balances over 45 days and are developing a way to track by staff member and by practice benchmarks, trends, and exceptions.  Part of the trick is to automatically create tasks in the data warehouse.  The other half of the trick is to remove tasks as claims are worked so staff can prioritize their task lists. The second project is for a specialty practice that administers expensive injections.  The pharmaceutical company has a copay assistance program for qualifying patients.  The trick here is to identify eligible patients and get the pharmaceutical company’s help with patient balances.  Listen for more details in today’s podcast.  What can you automate or simplify to better collect your accounts receivable?