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Is your practice management system finding patients for you to treat?

Why not?

Here is another instance where a practice management system could and should be helping you.  If you have typical treatment protocols – the first example in the podcast is an average number of physical therapy visits – the system could identify patients who have not received the average number of treatments and help you get the patient back on the schedule.  The key is the report must be timely.  Telling a patient that they were short 3 therapy visits 6 months ago is not helpful.  We need that information within a week or so of the last visit to get that patient back in the door.  There are also dermatology examples in the podcast, but the key question is: What information would help your practice find patients to treat?  What treatment protocols can we track to find and then schedule those patients?  In many instances you are not just leaving money on the table, you are leaving patients underserved.