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Are your marketing efforts paying off?

Are your efforts to add a new service, a new satellite location, or some other effort to increase patient flow paying off?

Today’s BIG Ideas podcast is based on a slide from my presentation Tuesday at MGMA’s Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference.  The digital experience is tomorrow and my presentation is at 3 ET.  The specific example I will discuss in the podcast is an orthopedic practice that added urgent care, but the principle applies much more broadly.  I’ll discuss ways to identify patients who came to your practice because of the new initiative (adding urgent care, adding a new satellite location, or adding a new service) and then tracking the revenues that flowed from those new patients.  The idea is to not only track the new service, but all of the additional surgeries, procedures, or ancillary work that came from the patient.  If you focus too narrowly on the new marketing initiative, you  may miss all the other ways the new patients now contribute to your practice.  I hope to hear from you during the MGMA conference tomorrow.