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I apologize for being a bit behind in podcasts lately.  Three weeks ago I spoke at the ASCENT conference in Chicago.  Two weeks ago was MGMA’s Leaders Conference in Nashville.  Last week was Connecticut MGMA in Mystic.

I am back in the saddle and today’s podcast is an idea to mine clinical data.  The example in the podcast is a group in the southeast who needs to mine clinical data from eMDs.  The practice needed to identify patients with a high A1c who have not been seen recently.  Listen to the podcast for ideas on how you might approach similar projects.  Focus especially on ideas to integrate clinical data with appointment data so your team can efficiently act on the information.  As I’m posting the podcast, a practice in the west reached out for help to identify rheumatoid arthritis patients with an onset date in the past 6 months.  Canned reports are typically inadequate for these types of requests, but once you have access to the data, there is no limit to the time you can save or the patients you can help.