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Today’s BIG Idea relates to two projects I am working on this week.  The first project is for a practice with an in-house pharmacy.  The drugs are expensive and the pre-authorization process is extensive, but the software leaves a lot to be desired.  I will briefly describe how we are mining data out of the software to replace a manual Excel sheet that tracks pre-authorizations to give this practice a lot more visibility.  The second project is for an orthopedic group that used to have a lot of drama and plenty of crises in the pre-authorization department.  We data mine their system to pull the status of cases to be pre-authorized and summarize the data on an automatic morning email.  Managers and staff can see the pre-auth status at a glance.  With that visibility comes much better control of the pre-authorization process.  If your practice is limiting surgeries or other procedures due to Covid, the last thing you need is to not get paid due to a missing authorization.  Get control of your pre-authorization process by leveraging your data today.