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Do you track second opinion patients in your practice?

Do you know how many of those patients end up being treated?

Today’s BIG Idea is from a neurosurgery practice in the Midwest who decided to track second opinion patients and wanted to know how successful the practice is at turning those patients into surgeries.  Here is another example of data I have never seen in a canned report but that SQL Server can track for you.  Once you know how successful at converting patients you are overall, it is easy to drill down to see success by rendering provider, referring provider, patient demographics, and more.  Even if you do not see second opinion patients, similar analyses can provide similar benefits for patients who come to your practice from a variety of sources. Just because you can’t get the data you need from a canned report does not mean the data will not benefit your practice.  Most of the valuable information I see does not come from canned reports.