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How many appointments slots went unfilled at your practice yesterday?

Filling appointment slots satisfies patients, providers, and bank accounts.  Assuming your appointment templates are properly set up to optimize patient flow, anything you can do to maximize appointment utilization helps several different stakeholders in your practice.  Today’s BIG Idea is a daily email for a savvy practice in the Midwest (you realize by now that practice administrators kind enough to share their great ideas in a podcast expect to be called savvy, right?).  The daily email tracks every appointment slot that went unfilled yesterday, groups the data by provider, and then categorizes why the appointment slot went unfilled.  Listen to the podcast for ideas on how and why we categorize unfilled appointment slots and corrective actions to fill those slots going forward. Our focus is much less on no shows and much more on slots where an appointment was canceled in enough time to schedule another patient in that slot.  We are also very interested in appointment slots that were never filled with a patient appointment.  Especially in today’s environment, anything you can do to understand and improve on yesterday’s unfilled appointment slots goes straight to the bottom line.  I hope you find these podcast’s helpful.