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I’ve posted another free article on my website.  Today’s topic is Absolute vs Relative References in Excel.  Spreadsheets are great at being able to create one formula and copy it hundreds or thousands of times.  Many times that copy and paste is good enough.  However, if you understand the difference between absolute references (the cell reference never changes as the formula is copied) and relative references (the cell references change as the formula is copied), you can add a whole new dimension of power and flexibility to your spreadsheets.  The article has an example of how you might get burned by using relative instead of absolute references.  There are also examples of mixed cell references, where half the reference is absolute and half the reference is relative.  It helps to know that F4 is the keyboard shortcut to insert the dollar signs around the rows and columns.  The F4 key toggles between each of the four ways to enter a cell reference.  Play with absolute vs relative references in your next spreadsheet.  Once you’re familiar with the logic, the concept is easy to master.

I hope you like the new color and design of the articles page on my website as well.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Everybody.  I was at a WWII veteran’s home last night.  He turns 90 on Sunday.  My friend spent his time in the Navy and I’m grateful for his service along with all of the veterans this weekend.