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Ready for a new analysis dashboard idea?

Today’s BIG Idea is an analysis dashboard I’m building for an orthopedic practice in the Midwest.  The revenue cycle team has a variety of Pivot Tables, dashboards, and other tools to monitor data.  The new analysis dashboard is designed to give a high-level look at several revenue cycle areas at once so that the team knows where to drill down for more information.  In the example dashboard, we look at charges, payments, denials, pre-authorizations and more.  Trends and major areas to focus on are quickly available across the practice so the team can quickly identify potential problems.  If the high-level information isn’t enough detail, the team can quickly access more granular information to find exactly what needs to be done.  You might consider adding a high level analysis dashboard to your practice.  Saving time with better information in today’s medical practice environment is becoming more essential every day.