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Excel Video 110 helps you enter data and a Sparkline in the same cell. In the past few videos, we’ve put data and Sparklines in separate cells. Depending on your dashboard or report, you may want to put data in the same cell as the Sparklines. Sometimes combining both the data and the Sparkline either saves space or gives the reader better information. I just used a formula to copy the data into the first cell and then copied the formula to the remaining cells. Copying the formula didn’t change the Sparklines that were in the cell. It did make the Sparklines hard to read. There are several ways to make both the data and Sparklines easier to read. You can bold the data, make the Sparkline a lighter shade and/or gray, or you can make your cells bigger. There are clearly times when you’re better off with the data in one cell and the Sparkline in the next cell, but sometimes combining the two makes for better information. Experiment with ways to combine both data and Sparklines and see what works best for your data.