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Excel Video 128 introduces Pie of Pie Charts. A Pie of Pie Chart is simply a pie chart with a secondary pie chart that shows the detail of a portion of the primary pie chart. Often you’ll have data where a couple of categories make up most of the total followed by a small group of categories often categorized as “Other.” A Pie of Pie Chart lets you show the detail of the Other category of the primary pie in a secondary pie on the same chart. Excel gives you a couple of different options to decide which categories go into the secondary pie chart. You can also control how big the secondary pie chart is relative to the primary pie chart and how far apart the two charts are shown.
One caution with Pie of Pie Charts is that it’s usually best to make the secondary pie chart smaller than the primary pie chart and it’s good to include data labels with values so that users don’t mistakenly believe a big component of the secondary chart is actually bigger than the components of the primary chart.
Excel also offers a Bar of Pie Chart that replaces the secondary pie chart with a bar chart. I’ll briefly demonstrate that option at the end of Excel Video 128. I hope you find these videos helpful. Thanks for watching.