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Excel Video 152 describes two ways to concatenate functions in Excel. Even if concatenate didn’t have my name in it, it would still be a handy function. Concatenate means to put something on the end of something else, or to stuff things together. You’ll find it handy to concatenate first, middle, and last names of patients, physicians, referring physicians, and other data coming out of your practice management software. Once you’ve combined your data it’s much easier to sort, filter, and pivot the data.
There are two ways to concatenate data in Excel. The quick and dirty way to concatenate is to put the & sign between the data you want to combine. You can also use the CONCATENATE function and separate your data with commas, which may take a little longer but may be easier to read. Watch for how I add commas and spaces between my data to make it more readable. Remember you need to include text, including commas and spaces, in quotes.
I hope you’re finding these videos helpful. Thanks for watching.