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It won’t take HOURs to explain HOUR, MINUTE, and SECOND in Excel Video 170. All three functions are very simple. The format is = HOUR(cell reference). MINUTE and SECOND work the same way. You’ll see how I use each of the three functions to pull the respective piece of the Excel time and put it in a separate cell.
Watch how I calculate days in the video. If the difference between the two dates is greater than 1 (and thus greater than 24 hours), I use the ROUNDDOWN function to round down to the nearest integer, which is the total number of elapsed days. We’ll spend more time on ROUND in a future Excel Video. For now, know that the format is =ROUNDDOWN(cell reference, digits to round). Entering a 0 as the digits to round will round to the nearest integer.
The big formula at the end of the Excel Video that spells out 2 days 3 hours 15 minutes 0 seconds is:
=ROUNDDOWN(B12-A12,0) & ” days ” & HOUR(B12-A12) & ” hours ” & MINUTE(B12-A12) & ” minutes ” & SECOND(B12-A12) & ” seconds.”
That’s what I wanted to say about time functions in Excel. We’ll start the next section, Lookup and Reference, in the next Excel Video.