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You can’t COUNT all of the ways COUNTIF can help you in your practice. Excel Video 186 reviews both COUNTIF and COUNTIFS. These functions are easier to use than SUM and SUMIF since the counting functions don’t have a separate criteria range and sum range. You simply give Excel a range and then count each time your criteria appears in the range.
Watch Excel Video 186 for a trick that also works with SUMIF and SUMIFS. These functions allow you to use a wildcard in your criteria. If you want to search for everything that starts with s, enter s*. If you want to search for everything that ends in west, search for *west. You can also use a ? to replace one character. For example, to find both Tim and Tom, enter T?m.
Also note that the criteria field is not case sensitive. In the video, I entered s* and found SouthWest. Using wildcards can make these conditional functions even more powerful.
Stay tuned. Next time we’ll use the AVERAGEIF and AVERAGEIFS functions to calculate average OR start times.