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If you want to add some color to your spreadsheet, Excel Video 212 will give you several options to choose from. Today’s Excel Video helps you add color to both the background of cells and to the text of the cells. We’ll start with Office Themes on the Page Layout tab in the ribbon. If you haven’t looked at Office Themes, they’re an easy way to have a consistent look and feel to all of your Office documents. You can keep fonts and colors consistent across different spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.
If you’re looking for more choices, you’ll see how to choose from a variety of standard colors for both cell backgrounds and text. If you need even more choices, Excel has an app for that as well with custom colors. If you’re trying to match a specific color, say your company logo, Excel allows you to enter the exact RGB or HSL values to get just what you’re looking for.
Color is a great way to help users focus on the critical message of your spreadsheet. If you haven’t been using color in your spreadsheets, I hope this video makes it easy to get started.
Happy Thanksgiving!