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If you type instructions, details supporting spreadsheet values, or other text in a spreadsheet, you’ll love the shortcut in Excel Video 260. Justify, the bottom entry in the Fill menu we’ve been working with, automatically fits the text you’ve entered into the columns you highlight, extending into extra rows as needed. If you’ve ever cut the end of one sentence, pasted it onto the front of the text in the next row, and then repeated the process over and over again for each row of text, you’ll love Fill Justify.
Watch out for one “gotcha” will Fill Justify. Fill Justify can only deal with 255 characters in a cell. If the text in a cell has more than 255 characters, Fill Justify deletes any characters after 255 characters.
Excel’s not a word processor. When I write articles, I use Microsoft Word for the text with screen captures from Excel as needed. When most of my data is numbers and charts instead of text, I use Excel. When I’m in Excel but have some text I need to fit in a given space, Fill Justify is the way to go.