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I’ve decided to go back and cover Pivot Tables again, starting in Excel Video 280. Since I recorded the first Excel Video almost 3 years ago, I’ve made almost 25 presentations across the country on using Pivot Tables in a medical practice. I know a little more about Pivot Tables now than I did then, and 3 years ago the videos were all in Excel 2007. Excel 2010 has some cool new features that didn’t exist three years ago. For somebody that calls homself PivotTableGuy on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it’s time to cover Pivot Tables in-depth again. Pivot Tables are one of the best features in Excel for medical practice managers. I hope you find these videos helpful.
Today we’ll walk through the basics of creating a Pivot Table, a shortcut to select Pivot Table data, how to choose what field to put in the values area of a Pivot Table, and how to format Pivot Table data. We’ll start adding features and functionality next time. Thanks for watching.