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There’s one more filter for Pivot Tables I’d like to show you in Excel Video 291. The filter’s a search box, and it’s new in Excel 2010. It’s easy to type what you’re looking for in the search box and Excel will look through the labels in the row (columns work too) for what you’re searching for. It’s a little faster than Label Filters, since you don’t have to go to one more menu to use the search box.
Notice how the search box works. When I type it “John,” I’ll get John and Johnnie and Johnny as first names. I’ll also get Johnson and Johnston as last names. If you’re just looking for last names, the Label Filter Begins With is your friend.
What the Begins With filter can’t do is look for Johnston or Abbott. You can find Johnston. You can find Abbott. It’s the Johnston or Abbott part that trips up Label Filters. The search box has way to look for A or B. It’s a helpful trick, and we’ll cover it next time. Thanks for watching.