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In Excel Video 298 we’re ready to start talking about calculations in a Pivot Table. Today we’re primarily working with the Values area in the Pivot Table. You can drag multiple fields to the Values area and you can even drag the same field to the Values more than once. Once you have the fields you want in the Values area, click the drop-down arrow next to the field and choose Value Field Settings. It’s easy to sum, count, or average the values in your Pivot Table. There are several other options as well, including max and min.
We can use this trick to look at the same value different ways. For example, I could drag Billed down to the Values area multiple times to get the total amount billed, the count of charges billed, the average billed charge, and the maximum and minimum billed charge. Since I’m in a Pivot Table, I can have all of those calculations by provider, by CPT code, by location, or any of a number of different ways. The possibilities for analysis are endless, and we’re just getting started.