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Excel Video 312 covers a few more things to know about GETPIVOTDATA. We’ll start where we left off in Excel Video 311 by adding even more fields to our Pivot Table. Once you understand the structure of the GETPIVOTDATA formula, adding more fields to the Pivot Table is really no big deal.
I use GETPIVOTDATA a lot when I have Pivot Tables calculating numbers for a dashboard type report on a different tab in a spreadsheet. Again, once you understand the structure of the GETPIVOTDATA formula, having the Pivot Table on another tab is no big deal. One of the big advantages of GETPIVOTDATA is that even if your data’s on another tab, GETPIVOTDATA can pull exactly what you need even if the Pivot Table changes.
Finally, watch how to turn off Excel’s feature that automatically creates a GETPIVOTDATA formula for you. If you aren’t ready for GETPIVOTDATA or just need it off for a few minutes for some quick formulas, here’s how to keep Excel from creating a GETPIVOTDATA formula for you when you click on a cell in a Pivot Table.
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