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If you need to create a series of filtered Pivot Tables quickly, Excel Video 318 has a trick for you. If you’ve created a Pivot Table and now want to show a filtered Pivot Table to each of your 8 doctors or for each of your 3 practice locations, Show Report Filter Pages may be just the feature you need. Show Report Filter Pages will quickly create a new tab with a new Pivot Table for each item in a Pivot Table. It’s an amazingly quick trick.
There’s a caveat and a catch to Show Report Filter Pages. First, if you need to make a change to the Pivot Table after using Show Report Filter Pages, you’ll have to make that change to every Pivot Table, since the new Pivot Tables are independent of each other. Worst case, you may have to delete all of the new Pivot Tables and tabs, make your changes, and then Show Report Filter Pages again after you’ve made your changes.
The catch is that Show Report Filter Pages creates new filtered Pivot Tables for you, but it’s very easy to remove or change the filter. Don’t count on Show Report Filter Pages to secure your data from other users.
That said, Show Report Filter Pages is a quick trick that I hope you’ll find very helpful. Thanks for watching.