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Excel Video 374 showcases the Quick Analysis button, another easy shortcut in Excel 2013. If you highlight a group of data in Excel 2013, watch for the Quick Analysis button in the lower right-hand corner. The Quick Analysis button brings up a window with five different ways to see your data.
We’ll start with formatting today. The five options in the formatting window give you a quick preview of how your data would look with different conditional formatting tools. You can hover over the options to see each of the choices. Watch when I select one of the choices, Excel suggests highlighting cells greater than 55, but I can easily change that number to 70, all without going to the Conditional Formatting menu.
I really like the Quick Analysis button for folks that aren’t as familiar with everything Excel can do. At a glance, you can get a preview of how your data might look with a number of different Excel features that you may not have thought of using. Stay tuned. Next time we’ll look at charts available through Quick Analysis.