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If you like Slicers, you’ll be happy to watch Excel Video 386 and see that they’ve been added to Tables in Excel 2013. If you haven’t seen Slicers, they’ve been available in Pivot Tables since Excel 2010. You can see Slicers in Pivot Tables by watch Excel Videos 289 and 290.
Slicers are a great visual way to manually filter data. If you’re preparing your Table for someone who is fairly new to Excel, Slicers are a great way to help them filter to see the data they need without worrying about the different types of filters we’ve discussed in the past several Excel Videos. We’ll walk through the basics of Slicers, see how Slicers can help you see the data that’s in your Table, and show how to select multiple fields from one Slicer.
I hope you find this Excel Video helpful. Stay tuned. Next time we’ll cover a few advanced Slicer settings.