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Excel Video 77 covers Data Labels, a way to label your chart data with the numbers behind the graph. Sometimes you’ll find it helpful to not just chart the data, but to show the detail of the data on the chart. Some doctors may benefit from the graphical or visual presentation on the chart. Other doctors may benefit from seeing the numbers behind the chart data. Data Labels allow you to meet both needs by putting numbers on your chart.
Watch the formatting options to move the Data Labels to different chart areas. You can also manually move the Data Labels to customize exactly where the labels go.
Finally, from the Format Data Labels window, the Label Options tab allows you to print the series name, category name (Dr. A, April 2010, etc.) next to the data label. You can also include the legend key (a blue square, for example) to help users better understand your chart. I don’t use these features often, but they’re there if you need them.