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Do you need to find Medicaid appointments early in the month?

If you don’t find those Medicaid appointments, especially surgical appointments, what are the odds that the patient is still eligible for Medicaid next month and you will be paid?

Today’s BIG Idea describes an email I developed for a savvy orthopedic practice in the Midwest.  The practice is concerned that Medicaid eligibility renews at the first of each month.  If, for whatever reason, the patient is no longer eligible for Medicaid, a surgical appointment could go either unpaid or unused.  I built an email that sends automatically and finds potential Medicaid patients scheduled for a surgical procedure.  The practice can easily review the patient’s chart to determine if there is a risk of not being eligible for Medicaid and whether the patient might be better scheduled later in the month when Medicaid eligibility is confirmed. Listen to the podcast for ideas on consistently and reliably entering appointment data so that you can find Medicaid appointments early in the month or whatever else your practice needs to see.