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Do you measure medical staff productivity?

Would you like to?

Today’s BIG Ideas podcast is from a practice who, like many of the rest of you, is struggling with staffing issues.  As they try to recruit, onboard, and then monitor employees, they need a way to make sure employees are being productive, especially if they work from home.  Today’s example is tracking the pre-authorization team’s productivity, but the principles and ideas apply throughout many different practice areas.  Building mechanisms to track productivity and then tools to make it easy to report on that productivity is key.  The report example in today’s podcast is an Excel spreadsheet that refreshes with new data automatically.  Managers do not have to open software, wait for a report to run, dump it to Excel, and analyze the data.  The entire process is quick and easy.  Give your managers automatic tools they need to ensure that employees are productive, and your managers will be more productive at the same time.