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How do your 2021 visit volumes compare to pre-pandemic levels?

What can you do to jump start your revenue cycle?

A recent MGMA Stat poll revealed that 44% of respondents report their 2021 visit volumes are below their pre-pandemic levels.  Another 33% say visit volumes are about the same, while 23% report visit volumes above pre-pandemic levels.  Where is your practice in that mix, and what can you do to get your revenue cycle back on track again?  If you are attending MGMA’s Medical Practice Excellence Pathways Conference this week, I have sessions Tuesday at 12:15 ET and Wednesday at 10:30 ET.  Tuesday’s session will be an interactive session about using appointment data to drive success throughout the revenue cycle.  We will talk about strategies to deal with No Shows, Unsold Appointments, and Attracting Patients to your Practice.  If you can see your appointments, you can see the future.  Act on it.  Wednesday’s session will be another interactive session, this time about responding to COVID-19.  What metrics have you changed?  How have your dashboards changed?  How has COVID-19 pushed you to rethink your practice?  Do you think differently about productivity?  Both sessions are jam packed with ideas you can take home and use in your practice.  Today’s BIG Ideas podcast is a sneak preview of the conversation.  I hope you find these podcasts helpful.  Thanks for joining me.