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I just added a new Excel Mastery page covering VLOOKUP to my website.  The VLOOKUP article has been my most popular article and comes with a sample spreadsheet to follow along with the article and practice.  You’ll also find a set of VLOOKUP videos to watch.  If you haven’t used VLOOKUP, it’s a very powerful way to combine data from multiple sources.  VLOOKUP is especially helpful in comparing fee schedules.  Once you understand the syntax, VLOOKUP will let you quickly compare how much each of your major payers allows for each of your most important codes.  Get one VLOOKUP formula right and you can copy it to instantly compare thousands of procedure codes.

The Excel Mastery section of my new website also has sections on Pivot Tables, Tables, Conditional Formatting, and Cut/Copy/Paste.  Each Excel Mastery section has a combination of videos, articles, and/or sample spreadsheets to bring you all of the resources on a topic in one convenient place.  I’ll add more topics as time goes on.

I hope you find the Excel Mastery section helpful.