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I apologize for being a week behind on this blog post.  I’ve had 6 speaking engagements in 6 weeks, plus 4 days onsite at a practice in Florida.  The last of the 6 meetings in MGMA’s Annual Conference next week in New Orleans.  I have sessions on Monday and Wednesday.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Today’s BIG Idea from the Business Intelligence Guy is to data mine your clinical data.  The pain management example is a project I did just recently for a group, while the x-ray example has been working for a couple of years.  You may not have pain management or x-ray, but your practice does have clinical data buried in your EMR and/or PM system that, if mined, can make your practice more efficient and profitable.  Mining that clinical data can make your patients happier as well.  Listen to this week’s BIG idea for ideas on how to make your practice better.