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Today’s BIG Idea is a project I discussed with a group in the Rocky Mountains today and is based on a project I have been working on for a group on the East Coast.  In both cases, a provider was retiring from the practice.  Regular businesses consider and often calculate the cost of acquiring customers, but I have not seen many medical practices consider the cost of acquiring patients or the value of a patient base. The objective of today’s project is to figure out the best provider to transition the referring providers’ patients to.  The practice wants to retain the patient and to give the patient the same optimal care received from the retiring provider.  Listen for ideas of what information the East Coast group used to decide which provider would be the best fit for each patient from the retiring physician.  You may never see this level of detail in a canned report, but with access to raw data in SQL Server, there are all kinds of metrics and historical information that can optimize the decision of which provider to match with each patient.  I hope these podcasts are helpful for you.