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Are your efforts to market your practice working?

Today’s BIG Idea is to track urgent care referrals in your practice.  The example comes from a Midwest orthopaedic group that offers urgent care.  The question is how often the advanced practitioners who staff urgent care refer patients to other providers in the practice and which provider teams get more referrals.  Tracking which advanced practitioners referred where yielded interesting insights into volume by team.  There were surprising differences between how often advanced practitioners refer within the practice.  Listen to the podcast to hear how we data mined practice notes to look for standardized language indicating a referral.  If you can’t data mine provider notes to find referrals, the podcast offers another suggestion of tracking patients who have an urgent care visit followed by a second visit to a different provider.  Following patients through your practice and contrasting the different paths patients take can yield actionable insights to drive practice revenue.  I will have more examples at MGMA’s Leaders Conference in Nashville next month.  I hope to see you there.